Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

In Education, the ‘curriculum’ is broadly defined as the ‘totality of pupil experiences that occur in the educational process’.

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Curriculum Policy

The Academy broadly follows the curriculum guidance outlined in the Single Academy Model Mainstream Funding Agreement.

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Key Stage 3 and 4 Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Pathways Information

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Remote Learning

In the event of the Academy closing due to matters beyond its control e.g. a pandemic, educational provision will flip to the bespoke online timetable and live and recorded Zoom webinar lessons -

Online (Home) Learning

Learning resources and asessments for KS3 and KS4 can be accessed through the Goggle Drive links below:

Key Stage 3 Google Drive Resources

Key Stage 4 Google Drive Resources

Other learning platforms include:

Seneca Learning

Maths WatchMethod Maths or MyMaths


BBC Bitesize Daily -

Oak National Academy - Online Classroom 

Mastery Curriculum

A mastery curriculum is based on the central belief that virtually all learners can learn all important academic content to a level of excellence.

In a mastery curriculum model, classes move through topics at one pace until the vast majority (most systems use an 80% benchmark) reach an agreed level of competency, with a carefully considered benchmark for mastery.

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Marking and Assessment

In June 2013, the DfE confirmed that National Curriculum (NC) levels would be removed. Schools were subsequently given the challenge/autonomy to implement their own assessment arrangements.

In April 2014, the DfE published guidance on assessment which contained three principles of effective assessment systems i.e. they should:

In addition, the transition from alphabetical (A*-G) to numerical (9-1) grades at KS4 has led to a decision by the Academy to introduce a mirrored grading system at KS3.

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Pupils at KS3 are assessed against a set of Indicative Competencies for each subject.

These Indicative Competencies ensure that assessment is reliable, meaningful and understandable by:

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