Most Able Pupils

Most Able Pupils Policy

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Traits of Able and Most Able Pupils
Able Most Able
Knows the answers Asks the questions
Is interested Is highly curious
Answers the questions Discusses in detail and elaborates
Is in a high set Is beyond the group
Listens with interest Shows strong feelings/opinions
Learns with ease Already knows
Enjoys peers  Prefers adults
Grasps the meaning Draws inferences
Completes assignments Initiates projects
Is receptive Is intense
Absorbs information Manipulates information
Is pleased with own learning Is highly critical

Most Able Pupils Coordinator

The member of staff with responsibility for the Most Able Pupils is Mr. L. Keyes.


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The Brilliant Club


The Eastwood Scholars Programme is an academic programme run jointly by The Eastwood Academy and The Brilliant Club, an organisation which aims to widen access to university.

In 2019, the programme involved a visit to the UEA, numerous seminar sessions, and culminated with the pupils having to write a 2,000 word dissertation. Despite it being on an incredibly complex topic, and marked using A-Level grading criteria, all twelve pupils achieved a 2:1 or a 1st. As a reward for this achievement, they attended Cambridge University for a graduation ceremony.

Click here for the Brilliant Club Report - 2019 cohort


University Visit - Southampton


On Friday 11th March, 44 Year 9 and 10 AMA pupils visited Southampton University to find out about higher education, degree courses and student life. It was an early start and a long coach drive but all agreed it was well worth it. Southampton University campus is a vibrant community with so much to offer its students in terms of amazing courses and student facilities. It boasts its own cinema, night club and even a hair dressers! We soon found out that Southampton University has world class research facilities, ranks amongst the UK’s best and attracts top recruiters. They are a high ranking university in the top 1% in the world and part of the prestigious Russell Group.

The pupils took part in an interactive workshop, tour of the university and attended a high level lecture on Accreting White Dwarfs and Citizen Science. Many of the pupils commented on what a brilliant day it was and how it has changed their perception of higher education and degree level study. They were amazed at the different types of courses on offer and the extensive research facilities such as wind tunnels and roof top telescopes. All in all, a fun, interactive and educational day trip!

University Visit - Essex


On Friday 10th June, between lessons 2 and 4, Mrs. P. Suttle, Mr. S. Alcorn and Mrs. G. Cassidy took 38 Year 8 AMA pupils to the Southend Campus of Essex University.

To start with, the pupils had a university style lecture from a current post graduate student about how to pick the right university, what courses are available and student life in general. They were then split into groups for a full university tour including library, lecture room, student accommodation and the student union café. They were able to ask lots of questions and really picked the student ambassadors’ brains to find out as much about university life from actual students studying at the moment.

After lunch they took part in a group activity where they had to create their own universities and then present back their ideas back to the rest of the group, receiving feedback, help and encouragement from the visit organisers.

The pupils really enjoyed their visit and were certainly left with the idea that it’s never too early to start thinking about the future!