In-Year Applications

For applications outside of the normal transition point, parents will need to complete an In-Year Application Form.

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The Academy will aim to process your application within 15 school days.

If the year group is under its PAN, a place will be offered in line with the Academy’s oversubscription criteria.

If the year group is equal to or exceeds the PAN, the child will not be offered a place but will be added to a waiting list. 

Unsuccessful applicants have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. In such instances, parents should e-mail

In-year appeals will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.

Applicants that are refused a place are added to a waiting list. Waiting lists close on 31st December of any given year. New waiting lists will remain open until 31st August. Waiting lists from previous years are not rolled over to the following academic year - parents are required to make a new application.