Most Able Pupils

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Traits of Able and Most Able Pupils

Most Able
Knows the answers
Asks the questions
Is interested
Is highly curious
Answers the questions
Discusses in detail and elaborates
Is in a high set
Is beyond the group
Listens with interest
Shows strong feelings/opinions
Learns with ease
Already knows
Enjoys peers
 Prefers adults
Grasps the meaning
Draws inferences
Completes assignments
Initiates projects
Is receptive
Is intense
Absorbs information
Manipulates information
Is pleased with own learning
Is highly critical

Most Able Pupils Coordinator

The member of staff with responsibility for the Most Able Pupils is Mr. S. Howard.


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The Brilliant Club

The Eastwood Scholars Programme is an academic programme run jointly by The Eastwood Academy and The Brilliant Club, an organisation which aims to widen access to university.

In 2021, twelve Year 10 pupils took part in the Brilliant Club. The programme allowed them to challenge themselves by writing a 2,000-word dissertation, graded using A-Level criteria, as well as giving them a taste of university life. 

The pupils' topic was “preventing terror attacks and policing strategy” which is obviously something none of them knew much about. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, they also had to complete it without the motivation of university trips to Cambridge and Oxford, as well as in-person seminars with their tutor.

Despite the restrictions, the pupils' engagement with the programme was fantastic. The programme organisers said that it was rare for there to be 100% pupil seminar attendance, let alone for all pupils to submit an actual dissertation. All pupils passed with flying colours, and it’s hopefully given them a valuable insight into Further and Higher Education.

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