Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

In Education, the ‘curriculum’ is broadly defined as the ‘totality of pupil experiences that occur in the educational process’.

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Curriculum Policies

The Academy broadly follows the curriculum guidance outlined in the Single Academy Model Mainstream Funding Agreement.

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CREATE Curriculum

The CREATE Curriculum is a bespoke curriculum designed to bring together the key interrelated aspects of curriculum structure, design and delivery into a single coherent entity.

CREATE focuses on the following key elements:


CREATE Curriculum Schemes

Key Stage 3 Indicative Competencies

In 2013, the DfE confirmed that National Curriculum (NC) levels would be removed. Schools were subsequently given the challenge/autonomy to implement their own assessment arrangements.

In 2014, the DfE introduced a phased transition from alphabetical (A*-G) to numerical (9-1) grades at Key Stage 4 (KS4). The Academy therefore developed a mirrored grading system at Key Stage 3 (KS3) within a set of subject-specific ‘indicative competencies’.

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Key Stage 4 Curriculum Pathways Information

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Marking and Assessment

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