Transition Arrangements

Arriving at any new school can seem daunting, so from well before the Year 6 pupils have their places confirmed, we work with the Academy's main primary feeder schools to ensure that we make pupils feel part of the school even before they apply. In the years before a pupil makes the transition to the Academy, they might be involved in or attend: 

  • Open Evening.
  • Performing Arts productions.
  • Southend West School Sports Partnership (SWSSP) events or activities.
  • Sports events involving Academy staff visiting primary schools.
  • Lessons with Academy staff e.g. weekly Science and Computing lessons.
  • Visits to the Year 6 pupils from Academy staff responsible for transition.
  • Transition Day in July.
  • A variety of summer schools.

Development Priorities

The Academy's development priorities with its main primary feeder schools are:

  • Ensure that transition from Key Stage 2 to 3 focuses as much on pupils' academic needs as it does on their pastoral needs.
  • Create better cross-phase partnerships with primary schools to ensure that Key Stage 3 teachers build on pupils' prior knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Have literacy and numeracy strategies that ensure that pupils build on their prior attainment in Key Stage 2 in these crucial areas.

Transition Information

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