Uniform and Equipment

The uniform is an important aspect pertaining to Academy identity. It places every pupil on a level playing field thus avoiding issues concerned with disparity in social class and affluence and subsequent bullying issues that may arise.

The Academy uniform should be worn at all times unless a teacher specifies otherwise. All items of the uniform should be worn in the normally accepted manner and due regard taken of health and safety. 

The specifics concerned with the uniform are listed below:

1. Black blazer and an Academy badge.

2. Plain white shirt or blouse with a stiff collar. The shirt or blouse tails should be tucked inside the waistband of the trousers. The collar button of the shirt or blouse should be done up at all times.

3. Plain black socks.

4. Sensible stout black shoes with heels not exceeding 3.5cm in height. Trainers (including sport-branded ‘shoes’) and canvass-type shoes are not permitted.

5. Clip-on Academy tie.

6. Suitable ankle-length black school trousers with no distinctive styling or fashioning. ‘Skinny trousers’ and trousers with conspicuous belts/buttons/buckles are not permitted. 

7. No jewellery except for one pair of plain gold or silver studs, with one stud in each ear lobe, and a wrist watch. Eyebrow bars, nose and tongue studs are not permitted. All excess jewellery will be confiscated and returned to the responsible adult in person or to the pupil at the end of half-term.

8. Make-up should be very subtle and discreet. Nail varnish, acrylic nails and fake eyelashes are not permitted.

9. Hair styles should be conventional, of a natural colour, and be culturally inclusive. Extremes of hairstyle are not permitted.

10. Jumpers, denim jackets and all types of hoodies are not permitted.

11. Suitable bag fit for the purpose.

12. Mobile telephones, including smartwatches, and other unnecessary electronic equipment are not permitted because:

  • They distract from the teaching and learning process and disrupt the educational experience of others.
  • They can be used as medium for bullying and harassment.
  • They contravene Examination Board regulations.
  • They can become lost or stolen and absorb (unnecessary) time and resources in the investigative process.

Purchasing Academy Uniform

You can purchase uniform items from:


Eastwood Academy (daniellesshop.co.uk)


Eastwood Academy | Schoolwear Centres | Golden Embroidery

Non-branded, generic items e.g. shirts and trousers can be purchased more widely from other retailers. 

Uniform Shop

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