Academy Target

The Academy's target for all pupils is to achieve an attendance of 100% to afford them the best opportunity to achieve their potential. 


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Parental Role

Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends regularly (100% attendance) and punctually (arrives at or before 8.35 a.m.). Parents should provide the Academy with up-to-date information about points of contact and those with ‘parental responsibility’.

Parents should contact the Academy (Tel: 01702 524341) on each day of their child’s absence, stating the reason. Failure to inform the Academy, will result in the parent being notified via Parentmail.

Parents should take account of the recommendations in HSC Guidance on Infection Control and any subsequent information in relation to pandemics e.g. Covid-19

Parents may be asked to provide medical evidence where there are repeated absences due to reported illness. This will usually be in the form of an appointment card, prescription, GP note etc.

Medical appointments should be made outside of school time. Where this is not possible, the appointment card should be shown (in advance) to reception staff, so copies can be made. This is not only important in terms of the categorisation of absence, but it also influences whether pupils are eligible to attend Academy trips. In short, if a pupil’s attendance falls below the Academy’s target (and is not supported by medical evidence) they will not be eligible to attend Academy trips (excluding those required by the curriculum).

Parents should inform the Academy of any relevant factors e.g. bereavement which could affect their child’s attendance and/or behaviour.

Pupil Role

The Academy expects pupils to attend regularly (100% attendance) and punctually (arrive at or before 8.35 a.m.).

The front side access gate is locked at 8.35 a.m. From this point pupils are classified as ‘late’ and can only enter via Reception. In instances where a pupil arrives late to school, Reception staff issue a cross in their Planner. When a pupil accrues three crosses in one term, they are issued with a 1-hour afterschool detention. In respect to the third cross, and every additional cross, the pupil will be issued with a 1-hour afterschool detention on the day that they arrived late to school. This system is managed by the Senior Leader responsible for punctuality.

In the case of any absence, pupils in Key Stage 4 must catch up with all work missed. This will be monitored by the Senior Leader responsible for attendance and may involve pupils being directed into ‘catch up sessions’ during break, lunch and afterschool, until such time as the work is caught up.

Unauthorised Absences

‘Unauthorised absences’ are those which the Academy does not consider reasonable and for which no ‘leave’ has been given. Although not an exhaustive list, such examples include:

  • Parents keeping children off school unnecessarily.
  • Truancy before or during the school day.
  • Absences which have never been properly explained e.g. a message from another parent or child cannot be used to authorise absence.
  • Children who arrive late to school.
  • Term time holidays.
  • Absence which is not supported by medical evidence when requested by the Academy.

All absence under 92%, which is not accompanied by a medical certificate, will be classed as ‘unauthorised’. Pupils falling into this category of attendance will be immediately investigated by the Local Authority Attendance Officer and, if necessary, taken to court and fined.

Legal Sanctions

Under existing legislation, parents commit an offence if their child fails to attend regularly and the absences are classed as ‘unauthorised’ (those for which the Academy cannot or has not given permission). Depending on circumstances, such cases may result in prosecution under Section 444 and 444B of the Education Act 1996 which could lead to a fine or imprisonment.

A Penalty Notice is an alternative to prosecution which does not require an appearance in court, whilst still securing an improvement in a pupil’s attendance. Payment of a Penalty Notice enables parents to discharge potential liability for conviction for the period of absence included in the Penalty Notice.

Penalty Notices are issued for:

  • Unauthorised absence.
  • Holidays in term time without permission.
  • Excluded pupils found in a public place during the first 5 days of exclusion.

The Cost of the Notice is £60 per child, per parent, if paid within 21 days, rising to £120 per child, per parent if paid within 28 days. You could be prosecuted if you do not pay the fine after 28 days.

Click here for the Local Authority Code of Conduct Under the Provision of the Education (Penalty Notice) Regulations 2004

Holidays in Term Time

The current law does not give any entitlement to parents to take their child out of school during term time. The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 prohibits a Headteacher granting leave of absence to a pupil, except where an application has been made in advance, and the Headteacher considers that there are ‘exceptional circumstances’ relating to the application.  

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Please note that if the absence is not authorised, and the holiday is taken, this may result in a Penalty Notice of £120 (or £60 if paid within 21 days) to each parent for each child taken out of school.

Managing Attendance Concerns

The Academy manages attendance concerns in a graded way as detailed below.

Attendance Commendations

Attendance commendations will broadly involve the following:

  • Certificates for 100% attendance during any half-term presented during House assemblies.

  • Star (badge) system – Bronze (1 year), Silver (2 years), Gold (3 years) and Platinum (4 years) for 100% attendance during an academic year.

  • Letters to parents from the Principal.

  • End of year special lunches, trips and prizes.

Children Missing Education (CME)

Refer to section 5.0 in the Academy's Safeguarding Policy