Contact Details

The Eastwood Academy
Rayleigh Road

Company Number: 07700909

Tel: (01702) 524341


  • The Academy will commit to respond to your query or concern within one day. The response may be by telephone, e-mail, letter or a meeting.
  • There are various forms of communication, but e-mail is often the quickest and most effective form in the first instance. Click here for the Pastoral e-mail Directory or Curriculum e-mail Directory
  • If you wish to raise a complaint against the Academy, click here for details of the Complaints Policy.
  • If you wish to offer your views on the Academy’s performance through an OFSTED questionnaire click here to access the Parent View website
  • The Academy publishes dates for staff training and parent consultation evenings on the homepage.
  • Paper-based academic reports will be distributed prior to the relevant parent consultation evening.
  • All written correspondence, within reason, will be sent via e-mail and will also be available on the Academy’s website.
  • Newsletters will be sent out half-termly via e-mail and ‘live’ news can be accessed from the Academy’s homepage.
  • Notifications and emergency information will be announced on the homepage.
  • Parents will be notified of unexplained pupil absences and receive notification or reminders of key events (including parent consultation evenings and Academy closure) via the ParentMail text messaging system.