Code of Conduct

The Governing Board's first aim is to produce a fair and just society in which the rules of behaviour are clearly communicated to pupils, so that they have a sense of security relating to the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, and what is fundamentally right and wrong within school society.

In order for the maintenance of good order and discipline, pupils need a Code of Conduct which is clearly detailed in their Planner and uniformly enforced by staff throughout the school day.

This Code of Conduct must be adhered to by all pupils and embraces a central theme in which courtesy and consideration are given to others at all times.

The details pertaining to the Code of Conduct is as follows:

  1. You always speak politely to other people and act with courtesy and consideration at all times. There is certainly no excuse for rudeness, disrespect or insolence towards staff.
  2. You do not act in a reckless way that would endanger the welfare or wellbeing of others.
  3. You follow any reasonable instruction or request from a member of staff without argument or protestation.
  4. You accept responsibility for your actions.
  5. You act as a responsible citizen and report any incidents that affect the school environment or endanger the welfare or wellbeing of others.
  6. You contribute positively to the teaching and learning process in the classroom.
  7. You move sensibly and quietly around the school.
  8. You keep the school clean and tidy. To this end, the following must be adhered to: no chewing gum is allowed anywhere inside the school buildings; no eating or drinking in the corridors or classrooms; and litter must be placed in the rubbish bins.
  9. You conduct yourself outside of school and online in a manner which does not compromise the reputation of the Academy or has a negative effect on the welfare and/or wellbeing of others. Although not an exhaustive list, this includes: any activity where you are wearing the Academy uniform or can otherwise be identified as a pupil; when travelling to or from school; and when taking part in any school-organised or school-related activity.